A survey on uses of handwriting.

C. Medina and I. Guyon.
Technical Report BL0115540-951206-06, AT&T Bell Laboratories.

We have conducted a survey to investigate people's uses of handwriting. We surveyed 274 subjects total, 54 people at Mills College campus, in Oakland, California, and 220 over the Internet. Most of the questions intended to yield who, why, what for, and how often people use handwritten notes. A statistical analysis of the survey indicated that handwriting as a computer interface shows potential for particular purposes such as make drafts, sketches, update agenda or personal notes, laboratory or office notebooks. Furthermore, most interviewees, except technicians and engineers, responded they would prefer handwriting and/or speech to typing if an ``ideal'' pen-computer was available, with perfectly functioning handwriting and/or speech recognition capabilities.

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